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Tis the Season to Celebrate with Douglas 

Tis the Season to Celebrate with Douglas 

Douglas Company is making all things cheery and bright with the addition of six new holiday characters. 

Amongst Douglas’ Holiday Friends collection, meet Gingerbread Boy and Gingerbread Girl. They are yummy enough to eat but, stop! These sweeties are plush toys that measure 7” tall. Each is gingerbread colored from head to toe. You can almost smell the deliciousness. They are perfectly iced with classic white piping. Each has Funfetti sprinkled white hair with detailed embroidered faces. The gingerbread girl has two white pigtails adorned with red and white bows, while the gingerbread boy wears a red and white bowtie. Two peppermint candies christen the gingerbread girl’s dress and white rick rack lines her skirts edge. These two darlings are ideal for snuggling and holiday decorating.  

Douglas’ Seasonal Characters are equally fun! Meet Reindeer the Doll.  She is 10”, sitting, and has a perfectly round red nose and gorgeous variegated blonde embroidered hair. She wears red and white sewn sneakers and reindeer style tan bib overalls, complete with white fawn spots. Her removable hood boasts two perky reindeer ears and chocolate brown antlers. One ear is adorned with a big red bow. She wears a long sleeved gray plush top trimmed in red. She is squishy soft and absolutely adorable. 

Nutcracker the Deer is a handsome fella. He stands perfectly straight and tall just like any other nutcracker. He is 7” and wears the classic nutcracker uniform, complete with black buckled belt and gold embroidered bands across his jacket. He has tall black boots and dark green legs. This darling deer has a tuft of white fur on his chin, ebony eyes and chocolate brown antlers to match his sweet brown button nose. His uniform is topped off with a traditional cap elegantly embroidered with a Christmas tree. 

Clara the Fox Ballerina completes this holiday ensemble. Clara is a gray and white kitten with style and grace. She stands 7” tall in her pink toe shoes. Her ballerina skirt is full and satin soft. It is pink with an emerald bow print. She has a velvet emerald waistband that matches her emerald bow on top of her head. She is ready to dance right into your hearts. 

Designed for ages 3 and up, Douglas’ Holiday Friends and Seasonal Characters will hit store shelves inearly September. DOUGLAS products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada. 

About DOUGLAS Company

DOUGLAS Company celebrates their 68years of fun and excitement as a leader in the plush industry! The family-owned and operated business has distribution throughout USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

“Experience the Difference” with DOUGLAS’ classic animals who have gestures and expressions that clearly distinguish them. Their faces evoke a sense of connection and endearment. Unusual breeds and hard-to-find species are easy to find in the extensive DOUGLAS Line. 

The in-house, USA design team is the heart of DOUGLAS’ success. They create designs and steward them from conception to final production. They have a unique talent for walking the edge to offer truly unique, trendy, and irresistible creations. 

DOUGLAS BABY continues to expand with even more original designs created from the softest of fabric choices. This sophisticated collection brings the company “full circle” to its beginnings in 1956 as an Infant Toy Producer. DOUGLAS’ Coordinated Gift sets are the most huggable on the market full of love and whimsy. 

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