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Saudabille launches juice line in Brazil with emoji  

Saudabille launches juice line in Brazil with emoji  

Saudabille, a Brazilian company specialized in healthy juices, has announced it is launching a complete line of products, featuring kid’s favorite flavors: orange, grape, pineapple, tangerine, and apple, 200ml packaging, perfect size to fit kid’s school lunch boxes, with 5 exciting emoji® Brand designs. Product is available on Pão de Açúcar stores with wide distribution including main channels throughout the country. 

“We are very excited and happy to announce another collaboration with the emoij® Brand with a fun line for kids and family, Saudabille is a key partner in the strategic food and beverage category, a truly marketing oriented company that understands the potential and penetration of emoji® amongst targeted consumers, comments Celso Rafael, CEO of Lotus Global Mkt Brazil.” 

“It is an honor to be able to collaborate with Saudabille, a company committed with the health and well-being of children, says Marco CEO and Founder of The emoji Company”. 

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