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MIPCOM: Russia’s SMF Studio premieres its new animated series Coolics

MIPCOM: Russia’s SMF Studio premieres its new animated series Coolics

SMF Studio (Soyuzmultfilm) will be premiering a new animated series Coolics based on the comic book by the Russian publisher Bubble Comics during MIPCOM.

Creative producer and director of the SMF Studio Alexandra Bizyaeva, Bubble’s editor-in-chief Roman Kotkov and one of the scriptwriters of the movie Major Grom: The Plague Doctor, creative producer Evgeniy Eronin have created an original cartoon universe, where each of the characters have separate storylines.

SMF Studio has produced 7 episodes x 11 minutes so far and planning to work on 45 more episodes.

Coolics is an 2D adventure-comedy series for kids 6-8 y.o. about a team of young cadets in the Space Academy whose mission is to search for superpowered creatures on different planets to help protect the universe from the forces of Evil.

Coolics is a truly innovative project not only for the SMF Studio, but for the entire Russian animation industry. This is the first experience of creating an animated series based on comics. Together with Bubble we were trying to deliver a simple truth – being a superhero does not mean having superpowers at all. It is enough to be able to show kindness, courage and responsiveness, to take care of friends and the world around us. These are the core values ​​ of our classic animation films – the continuity of generations is especially symbolic for us in the year of the 85th anniversary of the legendary film studio”, said Yuliana Slashcheva, Chairman of the Board of the SMF Studio.

Bubble Comics’ editor-in-chief Roman Kotkov noted that the animated series will interest both comic book fans and modern animation fans. “It’s probably the most superhero project that we have ever done. It has vivid images, super powers and memorable heroes, in general, everything you need to love this story, – said the representative of the publishing house, – I would also like to note that in this case the people who worked on the series had previously worked directly on the comics, so the partnership between Bubble and SMF Studio is an example of an ideal collaboration to create a cool project. And it’s just the beginning of our cooperation, we have a lot of surprises ahead”.


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