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Invicta Watch to Launch U.S. Army Line

Invicta Watch to Launch U.S. Army Line

The U.S. Army has executed a license agreement with leading watch manufacturer, Invicta Watch Company of America, which has more than a century of expertise and caters to watch collectors, to launch a line of premium U.S. Army-branded wrist watches that are engineered to the highest standards. Beanstalk, the U.S. Army’s brand extension licensing agency, brokered the agreement.

The mission of the U.S. Army licensing program is to develop and distribute quality consumer products that build positive brand awareness and allow U.S. Army supporters to wear the brand with pride. Entering into a license agreement with a brand like Invicta is a unique opportunity for the U.S. Army to reach consumers with signature chronograph watches. Forged at an optimum level of craftsmanship and design, the collection articulates the core spirit of the Army, taking a time-honoured military tradition into the field of civilian life.

Invicta has taken the meticulous art of case construction to new heights and creates an opportunity for the U.S. Army brand to reach the watch enthusiast and expand the presence of the brand within the accessory space.

“The U.S. Army – Invicta collection merges Invicta’s innovative designs and engineering with the highly recognizable U.S. Army logo to create a performance, function-driven time-piece that consumers of both brands can enjoy,” says Eyal Lalo, CEO of Invicta. “This collection offers U.S. Army collectors and enthusiasts a chance to wear their U.S. Army pride right on their wrists, capturing the timelessness of their patriotism.” 

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