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House of Turnowsky signs new Chinese licensing agreements

House of Turnowsky signs new Chinese licensing agreements

House of Turnowsky announces that it has signed two new licensing agreements in the territory of China, in deals brokered by British agency, This is Iris and Zespa Media in China.

House of Turnowsky’s existing licensee, Art Ally, is partnering with Chinese retail chain, Family Mart, for a bespoke new product range to be sold throughout the Chinese mainland. Beautiful Turnowsky designs will be used to decorate a wide variety of products across multiple categories, including ceramics, fashion accessories, glasses and travel cups.

The second licensing agreement has been signed with specialist makeup brand, Abby’s Choice, which has selected Turnowsky designs to adorn a new makeup collection, from lipstick to blush powder, to be sold around China.

“We are delighted to have originated and secured these deals with such major brands so soon into our partnership with This is Iris representing House of Turnowsky in China. Family Mart and Abby’s Choice are well-loved household names in two very different sectors and we are delighted to see such a broad range of consumer products carrying HOT’s stunning artwork to ordinary Chinese people. With Family Mart’s spring collection landing in nearly 2,000 stores across China amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel this is a particularly poignant opportunity to bring beauty and joy into people’s lives as they try to look beyond and regain a sense of normality. We look forward to bringing many more exciting opportunities from the vast and dynamic Chinese market as we work with our partners to bring beautiful artwork to everyday life,” said Jean Dong, Zespa Media

House of Turnowsky Chief Executive, Kobi Tadmor, said: “We are delighted to play a part of the new spring revival in China, with beautiful House of Turnowsky designs  being used across these fresh new product collections for Family Mart and Abby’s Choice. Everyone is very excited to see what the finished products will look like.”

This is Iris licensing manager, Sarah Lawrence, said: “We are thrilled to announce these two new licensing agreements between House of Turnowsky and Family Mart and Abby’s Choice, both are well-known brands in China with a huge consumer reach between them. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with our good friends at Zespa Media and we look forward to announcing other opportunities from this interesting market soon ”

Seven years after opening their incredible archives and the development of two new seasonal collections a year created specifically for the licensing community, House of Turnowsky has an international network of six agents in the USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany Turkey and Israel, and more than 30 major licensing partners across a broad array of product categories around the world.

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