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Hornby Hobbies to Launch Scalextric into Global Licensing

Hornby Hobbies to Launch Scalextric into Global Licensing

Hornby Hobbies Ltd is taking a step forward in launching their dynamic Scalextric brand into a global licensing programme. Hornby are pleased to announce the appointment of Licensing Consultant, Michele Pearce to represent Hornby in the start of an in-house licensing initiative. Michele has the right knowledge and appreciation of the brand through her work as a licensing specialist in the toy category and combined with her years of experience working in licensing in the video game industry, she can bring a new focus to the Scalextric brand, which Hornby are looking forward to exploiting. 

The programme will focus on both the retro archive and the new Scalextric branding with the aim to find the partners who can realise the brand in product that will add to the whole family’s enjoyment of the ultimate slot car racing experience. 

Lyndon Davies, Hornby CEO “Scalextric is loved by many and there are some exciting opportunities for us to work with licencing partners. Michele brings a wealth of experience to the team and we are excited by some of the early conversations” 

Michele Pearce: “I have been talking to Hornby for some time about the licensing opportunities for Scalextric and how much I would enjoy developing a strategy for them and I couldn’t have been more delighted when they contacted me at the start of this year with the wave of a chequered flag to start the programme.” 

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