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Tempting Brands secures the rights for Pierre de Coubertin in the US

Tempting Brands secures the rights for Pierre de Coubertin in the US

Tempting Brands requested registration in the United States of the trademark Pierre de Coubertin targeted at men for the product categories like: cosmetics, electrical products, watches and jewelleries, leather goods, apparel and sporting goods.

After a hard-fought four-year fight before the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) with the United States Olympic Committee, Tempting Brands successfully defended its’ application to register the trademark Pierre de Coubertin.

The TTAB serves as a court of law to make definitive judgments on prosecution and adversarial issues concerning trademark matters in the United States Trademark Office (USPTO).

Tempting Brands is a brand development company, actively licensing its brands ROUTE 66, Marie-Antoinette, Impala and Hi Puppy worldwide. It has meanwhile developed a comprehensive Style Guide for the Pierre de Coubertin brand and is now actively looking to license it to partners for the manufacture of products in each of these product categories. The rights for Pierre de Coubertin in Europe have been already secured by Tempting Brands before the launch at the Brand Licensing Show in October 2019 in London.

The USOC and/or the International Olympic Committee are known to aggressively pursue third parties in trademark cases and win most cases while exhausting their adversaries’ resources. Tempting Brands is one of very few companies that now won and as far as it is known, it is the only company with a win resulting in a so-called ‘Precedential ruling’ from the TTAB. Precedential rulings by the TTAB on false suggestions are very rare. The judgments of the TTAB, in particular those of precedent, are used as guidance on registration issues by companies / law firms who apply for trademarks and USPTO examiners alike.

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