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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, one of the most recognizable gaming and entertainment personalities in the world, launched a new brand look created by Los Angeles and Paris based branding and graphic design firm EAT Studio. While the recently retained brand references Ninja’s gaming origins, it also creates and operates within a space where tech and talk collide. The emphasis on both roots and evolution continue to drive Team Ninja today by respecting their existing audience while seeking to appeal to a broader crowd.  

EAT Studio met Team Ninja’s objective, taking one of the streamer’s most unique and distinct features, his hair, and transforming it into a piece of iconography. The identifiable piece now claims its own space across the various platforms where it’s applied and is an extension of Team Ninja, the essence of which Tyler was eager to authentically capture and convey. 

“Working with Tyler was like watching his streams, but instead of talking about games, he was immersed in creating his new brand,” said Renata Amaral Morris, Founder & CEO of EAT. “Tyler and his manager Jessica were fun and professional, present and aware of what they wanted, while always appreciating our work and team. Team Ninja was a true dream client.” 

The brand’s striking image remains true to Tyler’s genuine and intrepid character while leaving space for continued development. Typographically, it embodies the versatility many have come to recognize in Ninja’s character and career. The logotype, with its bold and varying stroke widths, proudly proclaims the Team Ninja brand while championing variety – two aspects that were also present within EAT. 

“For this project, EAT’s team consisted of an international group of designers from 4+ different countries, two project managers, our CEO and account manager, Renata’” noted Gabriel Seibel, COO & Creative Director of EAT. “The professional and cultural diversity in the room brought a unique creative spark that led to so many exciting routes for NINJA’s brand.”

The unveiling took place across billboards and notable media appearances such as The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, and Nightline – and it doesn’t plan to stop there. 

“EAT was a great partner to work with as they knew from the start that this project had to be something truly special,” said Team Ninja Manager, Jessica Belvins. “The new look transcends the gaming world that Team Ninja already dominates, and takes it to the next level.”

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