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Cross Creek Pictures and ZAG Announce Collaboration on Slate of Ten Family Films

Cross Creek Pictures and ZAG Announce Collaboration on Slate of Ten Family Films

On the heels of the recent announcement of the Katy Perry starring animated musical, Melody, from Cross Creek Pictures and ZAG, the two companies have formalized an agreement to develop and produce a slate of ten animated, live-action and hybrid format feature film projects, the majority of which will be musicals. The announcement was made today by Jeremy Zag, Founder and CEO, ZAG, and Tyler Thompson, Producer, Cross Creek Pictures.

In addition to the Jeremy Zag created and directed Melody, ZAG and Cross Creek previously collaborated on ZAG’s upcoming animated musical Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir: The Movie—the origin story to the global hit TV series Miraculous: Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir, created and produced by Jeremy Zag. Cross Creek served as a co-producer on the feature.

The upcoming slate of ten movies for global family viewing are all based on ZAG’s intellectual property, created by Jeremy Zag, and will fall under the company’s existing ZAG HEROEZ umbrella, as well as new label’s ZAG PASSION and ZAG ADVENTURES.  Jeremy Zag will direct a minimum of five of the projects.

These new features (working titles)—all of which include themes of self-discovery for a world that believes in itself—include brand-new heroes Fairy Force, an animated musical that follows a little fairy coming from the forest and landing in the middle of Central Park who comes face-to-face with the witches of New York City;  Ghostforce, a live-action movie based on ZAG’s worldwide hit TV series, and developed alongside Michael Gracey, the director of The Greatest ShowmanLadylion, an animated musical to be developed in collaboration with global wildlife ambassador Dean Schneider, who inspires and educates his millions of followers across the globe about the beauty and importance of our planet’s wildlife; Choco, a hybrid live-action musical; and five yet to be announced titles.

“Working together with Cross Creek on our upcoming Miraculous feature release, and Melody, has been such an inspiring journey, and created an opportunity to work on many more projects together,” commented Jeremy Zag.  “I have been developing these new film projects for a number of years and am so excited that we have the ideal partner in Cross Creek to bring them to fruition.”

“It has been an immense pleasure working alongside Jeremy on Miraculous and Melody in an effort to bring new content to platforms for viewers around the world,” said Cross Creek’s Tyler Thompson. “Furthering our partnership into a long-standing commitment to new IP will bring fresh perspectives and storytelling for years to come.”

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