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The Return of Rainbow Brite

The Return of Rainbow Brite

The Loyal Subjects Toy partners with Hallmark on a new line of Fashion Dolls, Plush Dolls, Collectibles, and more!

The Loyal Subjects Toy (TLS Toy), a prominent brand that produces high-quality collectibles and toys, is delighted to announces a new licensing agreement with Hallmark, featuring one of pop culture’s most successful, uplifting, and inspiring brands, Rainbow Brite™. First introduced in the 80s by Hallmark, Rainbow Brite is a character franchise that has brought color and imagination to children for generations. 

Rainbow Brite’s undeniably cute and colorful classic stylings and characteristics have propelled this brand into the pantheon of some of the greatest pop culture characters, stories, and inventions. Armed with a magical color belt and a host of delightful friends, Rainbow Brite introduced generations of children to colorful and imaginative adventures in Rainbow Land.  

The Loyal Subjects has developed an exciting new classic Rainbow Brite product line that will be enjoyed by fans of all ages – including today’s kids.  The new classic collection will include traditional play patterns such as hair and fashion play, infused with Rainbow Brite’s attributes of kindness, courage, and optimism.  

The new products will showcase Rainbow Brite’s uplifting and inspiring ethos and the endearing nature of the characters and their fashions with a new generation of children and fashion doll collectors. 

The new Rainbow Brite collection will feature various products such as:

  • 5.5” Rainbow Brite Articulated Fashion Doll – Introducing a groundbreaking addition to the beloved franchise- a 5.5” articulated fashion doll!  The line will feature five different characters including Rainbow Brite, and familiar faces like LaLa Orange, Patty O’Greene, Tickled Pink and Stormy!  Each doll will include multiple blind accessories, and a collectible Rainbow Brite coloring book, making it the ultimate package for collectors and fans alike. MSRP: $19.99
  • 18” Rainbow Brite Plush Doll – The new Rainbow Brite plush doll, is a callback to the classic Rainbow Brite doll that parents cherished, and children adored. This plush exhibits a high-quality production, featuring the same soft body, yarn hair, and iconic fashion. Also included, is a collectible/wearable charm bracelet, as well as a coloring book featuring iconic Rainbow Brite artwork, and illustrations! MSRP: $29.99
  • 18” Talking Deluxe Rainbow Brite Doll – Introducing a fresh take on the classic Rainbow Brite Doll! Standing at 18”, this new take on the iconic doll features the iconic yarn hair, soft body, and fashion. This doll features heartwarming character sayings and LED light-up stars on the doll’s belt triggered by an RFID wearable charm bracelet.  Come close, and watch Rainbow Brite come alive with numerous sayings and a dazzling LED light show! MSRP: $39.99
  • 12” Rainbow Brite Doll – Introducing the 12” Rainbow Brite doll, featuring the quintessential yarn hair, soft body, and fashion, that fans know and love. Available in multiple characters including Rainbow Brite, Tickled Pink, Lala Orange, and Stormy, these dolls are a way to pass the joy, positivity, and love that the brand is known for to fans from the past, and to new legions of Rainbow Brite fans.  Each doll comes with a surprise charm to add to your Rainbow Brite bracelet collection and other collectible accessories. MSRP: $19.99
  • 3” Rainbow Brite Collectible Figures – A must-have for fans of the beloved Rainbow Brite franchise. With a range of multiple iconic characters from the world of Rainbow Brite to choose from, collectors will be eager to complete their collection. Keep an eye out for limited edition figures such as the metallic Rainbow Brite and the glow-in-the-dark Twink to add to your growing collection! MSRP: $4.99

“I’m incredibly thrilled to work with Hallmark on the fan-favorite Rainbow Brite brand.  I loved the stories as a kid, I loved the products, I loved the incredible joy it still brings people.  When I mentioned to some of our partners that we were working on Rainbow Brite I heard audible shrieks of joy. Not sure we’ve ever worked on a brand which incited such a visceral, positive response,” says Jonathan Cathey, CEO and Founder of The Loyal Subjects.  “I can’t wait to bring the Rainbow Brite Brand and the products to retail, I know it’s going to be a HUGE success, and most importantly create new unforgettable memories, and experiences with Rainbow Brite for customers of all ages.” 

We’re excited to enter Rainbow Brite’s fifth decade by partnering with a toy brand as skilled and dedicated as The Loyal Subjects,” says Stacey Howe, Hallmark’s Vice President of Global Licensing & Business Development. “We’ve been impressed with the team’s knowledge and dedication to the brand, and they have created an impressive product line that keeps true to Rainbow Brite’s retro aesthetic while making use of updated materials and technology that will appeal to nostalgic collectors and the next generation alike.”

The new Rainbow Brite classic collections will launch initially on Amazon and start hitting retail in late Fall 2023.  A sneak peak of the 5.5” Rainbow Brite Articulated Fashion Doll will be available at this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con at The Loyal Subjects booth. The licensing agency for Hallmark, Earthbound Brands, brokered the deal.

With TLS Toy’s new line of Rainbow Brite products, fans can relive the joy and positivity that the brand is known for and share it with the new generations of Rainbow Brite fans.

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