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Australia’s Cancer Council’s Sun Protection Offering Diversifies

Australia’s Cancer Council’s Sun Protection Offering Diversifies

Since 2004, Cancer Council has partnered with licensees to develop sun protection products to help protect Australians and generate meaningful revenue that supports its mission.

Today, Cancer Council is a lifestyle brand with a unique licensing portfolio with partners across therapeutic goods, apparel, headwear, sunglasses, shade and auto tints.

In 2021, Cancer Council collaborated with Indigenous artist, Riki Salam, to develop an exclusive range of swimwear, shade products and accessories. Endorsed brands Coolaroo and Gale Pacific extended Cancer Council’s presence in the shade category across key retailers, and Cancer Council expanded its retail footprint with seasonal pop ups over the summer period.

With its existing portfolio of best-practice licensees across its core categories of therapeutic goods (sunscreen) and fashion (sunglasses, hats and apparel), Cancer Council has raised over $15 million in royalties over the last five years which has helped to fund research, education and support services.

Dr Tanya Buchanan, CEO of Cancer Council Australia says, “The funds raised through the sale of licensed product also helps support our organisation’s skin cancer control initiatives which continue to be a critical area of our work. Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, so every dollar invested helps to address this important problem.”

Looking forward, Cancer Council is planning to expand its licensed offering in shade and apparel categories to drive further growth in 2022.

For more information, interviews or products please contact:

Jill McGarn

National Marketing Manager


Cancer Council Australia,

T: 02 8063 4130

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