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Asgard Media to launch Living with Licensing Podcast

Asgard Media to launch Living with Licensing Podcast

There are thousands of Podcasts devoted to business topics, but, to date, the licensing industry is poorly served in the medium.

Asgard Media’s Kelvyn Gardner, has announced the launch of Living with Licensing. ‘I listen to many Podcasts, and while I expect to be informed, I also want to be entertained. So, the style of Living with Licensing will be to interview prominent figures from the business about their lives and careers, and how each has affected the other. This editorial angle produces content that includes anecdotes and case histories from the contributors which will enhance listeners’ licensing knowledge but also put a smile on their faces’.

Episode 1 goes live on 16th September and features well-known IP creator Keith Chapman, the man behind Bob the Builder and Paw Patrol, and many others. Soon to follow is the effervescent Trudi Heyward of Brand-Ward and David Scott, treasurer of The Light Fund and recently retired as MD of Rainbow Productions.  Thereafter the Podcast is planned to release new episodes twice each month.

You can download Living with Licensing nowfrom Podcast host, Podbean,

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