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Aldi and emoji – The Iconic Brand make an appearance in virtual reality.

Aldi and emoji – The Iconic Brand make an appearance in virtual reality.

ALDI is launching a new emoji® brand loyalty program, this time entirely dedicated to sport and exercise. From tennis to dancing and fitness: sporting hobbies take centre stage in the new collectible campaign. The emoji® brand will be present in all 440 Belgian ALDI shops as well as in the world of the popular online game Roblox.

With the start of the new school year, ALDI is once again unleashing the collecting madness: from  August 23rd to October 4th , customers can collect 24 brand-new emoji® stuxx (little figurines with suction cups). This year, the discounter’s new emoji® brand action figurines are put in a sporty jacket such as Speedoo, Billy Bike and Jockey Joe and even a bouncing football and basketball.

Collecting and sports madness

It is the fourth edition of the emoji® brand at ALDI. Since its launch in 2019, the emoji® brand collection campaign has been a hit. Last year, the emoji® brand loyalty program was all about music and ALDI handed out millions of the well-known figurines. The emoji® brand target are particularly popular for young families.

“For them, the new school year also means the return to the gymnasium or sports club. By choosing sports the emoji® brand loyalty program, will encourage both the enthusiasm to collect and to play sports,” says Isabel Henderick, Managing Director Marketing and Communication at ALDI.

At the same time, the promotion is also a reward for customer loyalty. “The start of the school year is accompanied by stress and higher costs for many families. As a discounter, we make sure September is affordable as well as fun for our customers,” Henderick continues.

emoji® world in online game Roblox

ALDI is also letting the emoji® brand come to life in the digital world. The discounter is giving the emoji® brand their own universe in the virtual world of the popular game Roblox.

There, players can create obstacle courses with the emoji® brand. “Young collectors can get creative and build with the emoji® brand characters, Henderick continues. “In this way, we also want the emoji® brand characters to have all kind of adventures online.” 

“We are pleased to announce that Aldi-Belgium is launching the fourth collectible emoji campaign called emoji® play sports in partnership with Boost. Thank you ALDI-ALTIJD SLIM for being part of this exciting and innovative loyalty campaign, and for making inroads into the popular Roblox online games. No doubt the whole family will be delighted to continue to grow their collections”, says Marco Hüsges, CEO and founder of the emoji company.

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