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Australian Extension for Mentos

Australian Extension for Mentos

Asembl has secured the first Australian brand extension partnership for Perfetti Van Melle’s Mentos brand – launching an innovative gel design air freshener range with Balco Brands.  Image attached for media use  

Available in four fun fragrances – Mentos Air Freshener Grape, Mentos Air Freshener Mint, Mentos Air Freshener Strawberry and Mentos Air Freshener Pineapple – Australians can now say yes to the fresh and fun fragrance of Mentos.

“We are very excited to be partnering with the Mentos brand to launch this new range of air fresheners.  Inspired by the iconic Mentos shape and flavours, we set out to develop a range of products that encapsulated the fun and fresh attributes of the brand, whilst delivering a fruity fragrance experience reminiscent of the candy.  Whether for car, home, or office, we are confident the innovative gel design and prominent branding will appeal to those who regularly purchase air fresheners and attract the many millions of us with an affinity to the Mentos candy!,” said Balco Brands’   Brand Director, Kathryn Trivella.

“Balco Brands has proven to be an exceptional partner who truly grasps the value of our brand’s icons.  Our popular confectionery has been reinterpreted into a uniquely original and innovative air freshener gel that offers an amazing fruity and minty fragrance experience.  We are confident that this creation will be a tremendous success, and a must-have product desired by fans to enhance any ambience,” said Marta Ballesteros, Global Licensing Manager at Perfetti Van Melle. 

“Sold in more than 130 countries including here in Australia there is no doubt Mentos is a much-loved brand.  The Mentos team has developed an amazing art portfolio inspired by its unique heritage and say yes to fresh branding which lends itself perfectly to an array of brand extensions.  We are excited to be launching this range of Mentos Air Fresheners on behalf of Perfetti Van Melle with Balco Brands and are certain the fragrances will be found hanging in cars, homes, and offices across Australia,” said Asembl Managing Director, Justin Watson. 

Available now from Kmart stores and online for $4 each, the Mentos Air Freshener range is inspired by the iconic Mentos shape and flavours and has been created by Balco Brands with an innovative gel fragrance which promises a fruity fragrance experience reminiscent of the Mentos grape, mint, strawberry and pineapple flavours.  

 Simply hang in your car, home and office for Mentos fun and freshness for up to 30 days. 

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