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Winchester Mystery House Appoints Licensing Works! as Worldwide Agent

Winchester Mystery House Appoints Licensing Works! as Worldwide Agent

Winchester Mystery House LLC has appointed Licensing Works! as the global licensing agent for Winchester Mystery House, the beautiful but bizarre mansion built by Sarah Pardee Winchester, heiress of the Winchester Repeating Arms fortune.

The announcement comes in tandem with the launch of the estate’s cutting-edge digital Immersive 360° Tour Experience offering fans an opportunity to explore the mysteries and lore of the house closer to their homes. New licensing partners in gaming, publishing, mobile apps, puzzles, home décor and gourmet foods will lay the groundwork for a worldwide celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the first visitors to the estate in 2023.

“At a time when we haven’t been able to welcome guests in the way we have for 97 years; we couldn’t be more excited to announce our partnership with Licensing Works! As we embark on this journey to license our iconic property, we know our brand is in the right hands with Leslie and her team. Their expertise in timeless brands truly sets them apart and we can’t wait to see how our historic estate will inspire new products,” said Walter Magnuson, general manager of the Winchester Mystery House.
“A masterpiece of Victorian architecture, its complex and mysterious qualities have earned it a reputation as one of the world’s most haunted buildings,” commented Leslie Levine, Owner of Licensing Works! “Never previously licensed to third parties, we see enormous potential for consumers to celebrate its grandeur and unlock its secrets through licensed products.”

For nearly 100 years the Winchester Mystery House has stood as a testament to the ingenuity, singular vision and lore that surrounds its namesake, Sarah Pardee Winchester. Construction began on the estate in 1884 and didn’t stop for 38 years until Sarah’s death in 1922. Convinced she was tormented by the spirits of Winchester Rifle victims, Sarah built the impressive 160-room mansion with many odd and mysterious features such as cabinets that open to walls, doorways that lead to plummets many stories below, stairs that go straight to the ceiling and rooms built within rooms. Whether these designs were intentional to as some say “confuse the spirits” or simply accidental remains a mystery. The number 13 also prominently features in the design and decor of the house including ceilings with 13 panels, rooms with 13 windows, staircases with 13 steps and even 13 bathrooms.
The unusual mysteries are what has drawn millions of guests to visit the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA since it opened to the public in 1923. A Guinness World Record holder and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Winchester Mystery House ranks among the top ten most visited estates in the US by annual visitors.

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