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“What, like it’s hard?” Legally Blonde: The Game 

“What, like it’s hard?” Legally Blonde: The Game 

Break away from the status quo and make a name for yourself in the legal world in Legally Blonde: The Game – live and available now across iOS and Android mobile devices globally, it has been announced. Blending captivating narrative, deep Match 3 puzzle mechanics and extensive character customization, Legally Blonde: The Game will have players experiencing all the legal intrigue, sassy one-liners and iconic fashion of this storied franchise. The game is also part of the Legally Blonde Turns 21 licensing celebration, a program celebrating the franchise’s pillars of empowerment, education, humor, and pink fashion. 

Produced by PlaySide Studios Limited (ASX:PLY) in partnership with Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), Legally Blonde: The Game represents the first time the beloved franchise has graced the smartphone screen. 

Gerry Sakkas, CEO of PlaySide Studios, said he was delighted to be partnering with MGM to bring the beloved Legally Blonde franchise to mobile gaming.

‘PlaySide has a long history of bringing massive IPs to life through video games, and Legally Blonde: The Game is no different. At its core, Legally Blonde is about following your dreams and never letting anyone get in the way of what you set out to achieve, and that’s been the secret to why people can’t get enough of the franchise 21 years later,’ said Sakkas. 

Robert Marick, Executive Vice President, Consumer Products and Experiences at MGM, said, “Legally Blonde has been embraced by multiple generations of fans and the larger cultural zeitgeist.  It’s become much more than a movie and with the launch of this mobile game, PlaySide is helping us build out another fun experience that fans can indulge in outside of watching the films.”

The game, much like the franchise, aims to empower the player, by navigating through a narrative about growth and finding your feet in the law industry while ‘bending and snapping’ societal expectations. 

‘With our diverse team of talented designers, narrative writers, concept artists and audio composers, we’ve strived to make a title inclusive of anyone and for everyone to play and enjoy,’ adds Sakkas. 

This includes diverse character customization options, casting, and empowering freedom of expression and speech through narrative choices. 

Alongside the exciting, bite-sized narrative and romance options, players will earn Stars to continue the storyline, unlock sleek fashion designs, earn exclusive boosters and more across more than 500+ levels of themed board layouts. 

The Legally Blonde Turns 21 licensing celebration is built around the movie’s key tenets—empowerment, education, humor, and pink fashion, of course! 

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