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Frugi & National Trust Collaborate on ‘Busy Beaver Adventures’ Children’s Range 

Frugi & National Trust Collaborate on ‘Busy Beaver Adventures’ Children’s Range 

Children are encouraged to enjoy ‘Busy Beaver Adventures’ with a new beaver-inspired sustainable and ethical clothing and accessory range from Frugi x National Trust available from 22 August 2022, it has been announced

Dam-building beavers have been re-introduced by the National Trust at a couple of locations so far, with plans to introduce more widely, to revive lakes and rivers by helping to create new wetland habitats. These busy creatures are the inspiration behind the next Frugi x National Trust children’s clothing and accessory range. This exclusive range will encourage children to become more aware of the riverlands in the charity’s care, including the wildlife that lives there, in particular the beaver. 

Like previous Frugi x National Trust collections, the print featured on the clothing and accessories shines a light on an aspect of the UK’s natural world. As Europe’s largest conservation charity, the National Trust looks after many beautiful places we love to enjoy as a family including coastlines, gardens, parklands, and historic houses, ensuring nature, beauty and history can thrive. 

Home to fish, birds and insects, the source of water for mammals, livestock and the crops we rely on for our food, rivers are an incredible life force. However, they’re in danger, with only 14% of England’s rivers in good health. This means that some of our most important plants, insects, animals and birds are at risk. 

To address this, the National Trust is planting trees, introducing beavers and connecting streams to their floodplains as ways to slow flooding. It is also removing invasive species and restoring habitats. The charity is encouraging people to experience the beauty and tranquillity of these landscapes, so that we build a deeper connection and desire to help rivers thrive. 

A minimum of £25,000 from sales of the Busy Beaver Adventures collection will be given to the National Trust to support projects such as beaver conservation work at Holnicote Estate in Somerset, specifically for the maintenance and upkeep of their enclosures, including development of a soundwalk within this space, as well as provide workshops to engage local communities with their work. 

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