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Unlocking authentic fandom: KI launches innovative fandom solutions rooted in 20 years of expertise

Unlocking authentic fandom: KI launches innovative fandom solutions rooted in 20 years of expertise

Insights, strategy and creative agency Kids Industries (KI) has launched three new products to make its Fandom model accessible and affordable for brands of all sizes from all sectors.

The introductory training, immersive brand workshop and Root and Branch solution, give brands access to KI’s unrivalled Fandom expertise and proven Fandom model that has previously been available to select brands including Hello Kitty, Liverpool FC and Doctor Who.

The heartbeat of brands: Fans

From the fleeting enthusiasm of a toddler for their favourite cartoon character to the unwavering loyalty of seasoned enthusiasts like the Swifties of this world, no consumer group is more intricate or valuable than fans. They are the driving force behind brand spend, advocacy, and brand longevity.

“Fans are no longer just consumers; they are the lifeblood of a brand,” said Gary Pope, CEO at KI. “They embody complexity and value like no other audience. That’s why we’ve developed the KI Fandom Model, a sophisticated framework that enables brands to get closer to the fans, creating true connection with a franchise and building lasting relationships, loyalty and new revenue streams. And, perhaps most importantly, applying the principles of The Fandom Model can also improve discoverability.”

At the heart of the KI Fandom Model lies a deep understanding of what constitutes a ‘real fan’ and how brands can effectively leverage fandom to drive growth through the three dimensions of Fandom: Interaction Moments, Self-Definition & Social Amplification.

Developed after extensive research and dialogue with over 30,000 individuals, the solution is specifically designed to decode the intricate factors shaping fandom in young people, teens and adults. The new offerings will enable KI to provide a range of tailor-made solutions to meet the diverse needs of brand teams – from upskilling and creating shared thinking to large scale, bespoke studies:

1.     Training – A professional development workshop to provide marketing and brand teams with a comprehensive understanding of the KI Fandom Model. Participants will gain insights into fan psychology, behaviour and engagement strategies. Armed with this knowledge, teams can explore and construct effective fandom-driven campaigns and benefit from a deep shared understanding.

2.     Immersive Brand Workshop – Tailored to brand teams, this full-day workshop immerses participants in the intricacies of the KI Fandom Model. Marketing, brand, product development and social media teams will learn how to apply the model to their specific contexts. KI’s fandom experts will guide attendees in designing and refining strategies that resonate with fans.

3.     Root and Branch Projects – Whether diagnosing existing fan engagement or developing new initiatives, KI’s root and branch projects offer unparalleled support. Marketing, brand, product development, social media, and content development teams collaborate with KI to create fandom strategies grounded in business realities. Bespoke primary research – from fan engagement surveys to in-depth qualitative research, or a mix of methods – ensures alignment with organisational goals.

Pope concluded: “We’re committed to driving innovation and empowering brands across a range of sectors including FMCG, entertainment, gaming, preschool, lifestyle and sports, to forge meaningful connections with their audience. For brands seeking to unravel the mysteries of fandom and unlock unprecedented growth opportunities, this promises to be a game-changer.

“Brands must go beyond counting likes or shares; they need to truly understand the essence of fandom and be well equipped to build lasting relationships, foster loyalty, and drive growth.”

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