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Tommee Tippee Joins Forces with Medialink and emoji

Tommee Tippee Joins Forces with Medialink and emoji

The emoji® brand and Medialink Animation International Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Medialink Group Limited are set to bring another exciting collaboration to consumers, this time joining forces with Tommee Tippee, a British baby-feeding brand owned by Shanghai Jahwa, to officially launch a cross-brand marketing cooperation effort.

Such cooperation did not come about by chance but rather is the result of a prudent decision made based on Tommee Tippee’s 2021 annual value proposition – Live Flexibly, Feed Freely. A new generation of young mothers is experiencing a revolutionary change in their outlook. They are no longer the traditional mothers whose sole focus is caring for children. Instead, they ensure that their own needs are met as well as those of their children, and they understand the importance of having time to relax while caring for their children. In short, they dare to live flexibly and feed freely!

Collaboration Launched with Delightful Animation Set in emoji® Kingdom

To celebrate the new collaboration, Tommee Tippee has created a micro-promotional video featuring familiar emoji® brand icons for the maternal and infant groups. The adorable animation, “New Worries in the emoji® Kingdom”, tells the story of an emoji® Kingdom bodyguard who successfully finds a suitable feeding bottle for the newborn prince following a variety of obstacles.

Closer to Nature; New Upgrade Makes Feeding Easier

The feeding bottle found by the bodyguard at the end of “New Worries in the emoji® Kingdom” is Tommee Tippee’s brand-new upgraded Closer to Nature feeding bottle. The upgraded teat is softer and more comfortable, providing the baby with a breast-like touch, and it can also simulate the   flow and speed of breast milk. The EASI-VENT valve allows internal and external ventilation to be balanced in order to avoid choking or colic caused by drinking too fast or too slowly. It is also resistant to biting and pulling, making it very suitable for use with teething babies. In addition, the teat is equipped with a patented spiral design, allowing the baby to freely rotate it 360 degrees and stretch the teat upwards and downwards, simulating the way the baby holds and sucks the nipple.

Mothers may achieve a smooth transition between breast and bottle feeding with the Closer to Nature feeding bottle, allowing them to have more freedom while caring for their babies.

In Tommee Tippee’s view, being a mother shouldn’t feel like an overwhelming obligation. We hope that mothers are able to truly start from love when feeding, skillfully using the tools at their disposal to allow them to have some time to themselves while raising children, so as to not let child-rearing become all-consuming.

Since entering the Chinese market, Tommee Tippee has remained committed to making it easier for all Chinese mothers to enjoy the fun and beautiful side of childcare. Now, with the help of the emoji® brand, we also hope that the new

concept of “Live Flexibly, Feed Freely” can be widely disseminated to all mothers and enable them to take action to make child-rearing easier.

Marco Hüsges Founder and CEO of the emoji company says “The Tommee Tippee X emoji® brand collaboration enters into the consumer-product new social experience, creating campaigns that demonstrate the infinite possibilities to work together with emoji®- the Iconic Brand reaching out to all targets covering all needs.”

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