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Superhero Kindergarten Heads to Season Finale with 75M + Introduces New Character

Superhero Kindergarten Heads to Season Finale with 75M + Introduces New Character

Genius Brands International, Inc. celebrates a new milestone of over 70 million views to date, for Kartoon Channel!’s flagship series, Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten, starring and executive produced by Arnold Schwarzenegger, as the comedy-adventure ends its first season with the final episode debuting on October 22, 2021.

Since premiering on April 23 on Kartoon Channel!, viewership for Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten has surpassed all expectations and is the most watched show on Kartoon Channel!  In the last episode of the season, Arnold introduces the Super Ks to their new classmate, Emerson, who is a wheelchair user and exchange student from England. Worried they won’t be able to keep their superhero identities a secret from Emerson, the Super Ks are hesitant to welcome him at first. The kids put their differences aside when they find out that Emerson himself, has a secret super power, just like them, and is able to save the day.

“We are incredibly proud of Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten not just because it is proving to be a success, but because this series speaks to one of the core missions of Genius Brands, to create ‘content with a purpose,’ in promoting kid friendly lessons like anti-bullying, exercise, health and nutrition,” said Genius Brands’ Chairman & CEO Andy Heyward. “We are thrilled to debut on our season one episode finale, a new superhero who is wheelchair bound, yet it doesn’t prevent him from becoming an invaluable member of the superhero team… in fact, he more than proves his mettle while saving the day!  We are excited to continue working on the further expansion of the Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten brand and can’t wait to share more exciting news, when we announce Season 2!” 

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