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Summer Toy Festival Closes Its Gates for Jeddah Season 2022 After 7 Days, with Successful Outcomes

Summer Toy Festival Closes Its Gates for Jeddah Season 2022 After 7 Days, with Successful Outcomes

Spacetoon, the family edutainment content provider, producer, and broadcaster, has announced that the Summer Toy Festival, one of the biggest toy festivals in Jeddah and the world, ended its activities at Jeddah Superdome, the world’s largest geodesic dome in the world to ever stand without pillars, with remarkable outcomes.

The festival blended the concepts of playing and shopping, and delivering a unique experience to the audience by assembling the most prestigious toy brands, such as; Barbie, Peppa Pig, CoComelon, Blippi, Bey Battle Burst, and many others, in a wide space, full of interactive games and safe activity corners, targeting young kids from different ages.

Additionally, Summer Toy Festival, opened up the doors for exclusive live shows that visited Jeddah for the first time ever, such as; The Smurfs, Sonic, Angry Birds, Transformers, The Moshaya Family, Peppa Pig, and more.

Science geeks had a good time at Summer Toy Festival, when they visited the Science Festival, as they found themselves surrounded by explorations, equations, and labs. The Science Festival gathered science and soft skills in one place, for all visitors to get the most unique edutainment experience.

Young adults and families alike, spent the best moments reviving their childhood memories in a meet & greet with Rasha Rizk, and experiencing life-sized board games.

The festival was attended by top influencers in the region, such as; The Saudi Reporters, The Moshaya Family, and Anasala Family, who performed live shows and unboxed new toys. In addition to one of the most known YouTube stars in preschoolers’ entertainment, Blippi, who now has over 14 million subscribers on YouTube, and over 40 billion views, who attended the festival and met his little fans for a photo opportunity.

Visitors of Summer Toy Festival witnessed the revealing of over 10 new toys for the first time in Saudi Arabia.

Summer Toy Festival offered a special shopping experience for its visitors so who got exclusive offers and discounts on many toys.

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