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SpongeBob x Galo Bertin

SpongeBob x Galo Bertin
MIAMI – April 20, 2021 – ViacomCBS Consumer Products Latin America has partnered with renowned Mexican fashion designer Galo Bertin for the SpongeBob x Galo Bertin collection, an exclusive new fashion line inspired by the iconic characters of Bikini Bottom.
The collection, designed with a friendship theme in mind and coupled by the designer’s own memories and nostalgia of his youth, reinterprets the famous Nickelodeon “SquarePants” character and his best friend, Patrick Star.

With a sporty yet chic style, the new collection is comprised of a variety of light garments with blue, pink and yellow tones that stand out on prints featuring SpongeBob and Patrick Star. Classic pieces like bomber jackets and jogger pants are complemented by new garments never before seen in the designer’s collections, including sweatshirts, swimsuits, and Cuban style guayabera shirts offering versatility and comfort to all #GALOBERTIN fans.

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