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Sambro and Toikido to unleash new Smashlings range

Sambro and Toikido to unleash new Smashlings range

Toikido has joined forces with Sambro International to roll out its latest Piñata Smashlings collectables and toys collection. 

Under the new three-year partnership, which was facilitated by Toikido’s licensing representative IMG, Sambro will deliver an extensive range of arts & crafts, stationery, bags, and novelty toys. The products, priced between £1.99 to £8.99, will be widely available across EMEA territories.

The new range will reflect the core brand DNA of the Smashlings universe and aim to excite children with hidden characters. Some of the key compound products include the Surprise Sand Eggs, Great Tree Crystal Growing Kit, Slurping Smashling, and Bash Sand Eggs, Squelchum. 

Sambro are also developing a range of stationery backpacks shaped like popular Smashlings characters and filled with a variety of collectable stationery products. Additionally, the toy supplier will also deliver an exclusive range of Smashlings Piñata Puzzle Palz™, its IP range of collectable puzzle erasers, giving children a chance to build, play and erase while collecting their favourite characters. 

With unrivalled expertise in the licensed arts & crafts and collectable novelty toy sector for more than 25 years, Sambro, has longstanding relationships with many top licensors, including Disney, Hasbro, Paramount, Mattel, and now Toikido. 

Developed by Toikido, Piñata Smashlings has become one of 2023’s most exciting children’s brands, with a unique and exciting Roblox game, a series of animated shorts, music, and a suite of toys, collectables, plush and playsets, all launching this year. 

The success of Piñataverse comes from integrating digital gaming with physical play, enabling players to collect Smashlings characters both on and off-screen in the ever-growing world of the Piñataverse. 

Will Ochoa, Chief Commercial Officer at Toikido, said: “Our studio’s success has been built on great ideas and talented partners who can bring them to life, which is why we’re so thrilled to be working with Sambro, a company internationally renowned for its award-winning licensed merchandise, and ability to make it accessible in stores globally.”

“Since its release, Piñata Smashlings is building a global fanbase and is generating much interest in the media, as well as across toy, retail and gaming industries. Today’s announcement will further build on this, and we can’t wait to see how fans of our loveable IP react to all the great products that Sambro have in store for them over the next three years.

Clare Rix, Brand and Licensing Director at Sambro, added: “The team at IMG and Toikido have been brilliant to work with in getting this deal across the line and I can’t wait to see our product launch alongside the master toys ranges.”

“We are excited to start working on the franchise and see where team Toikido takes Smashlings, and programming and marketing support is huge!” 

Established in 2020, Toikido quickly gained recognition as an innovative, fun and fast-paced studio renowned for growing global audiences by creating captivating toys for emerging digital brands.

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