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POMASE Appoints Whateversmiles Corporation as Le Petit Prince Licensing Agent for Japan

<strong>POMASE Appoints Whateversmiles Corporation</strong> <strong>as Le Petit Prince Licensing Agent for Japan</strong>

POMASE, the official Saint Exupéry heritage management body for Le Petit Prince, has appointed Whateversmiles Corporation (Whateversmiles 株式会社), a subsidiary of Medialink Group (the “Group”), as the exclusive master agent for Japan for five years starting 1 January 2023. Whateversmiles was set up by the Group in Japan in 2017 to help it expand business to Japan. The appointment stands as a significant milestone for the Group, marking the expansion of its brand licensing business (“Brand Licensing Business”) to new territories. Whateversmiles will manage the licensing of Le Petit Prince brand consumer products, build retail relationships, and work with local licensees on cross-promotional activities.

President of POMASE Olivier d’Agay and Executive Director of Medialink Noletta Chiu celebrate the appointment of Whateversmiles as master agent of Le Petit Prince for Japan.

The Little Prince is the work of French Author, journalist and pilot, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, published in 1943. Its story, profound and idealistic, shedding light upon life and human nature is well-loved by readers worldwide. The book, which has been translated into more than 480 languages and dialects, has been a bestseller with more than 200 million copies sold so far. Moreover, The Little Prince have left his mark in films, musicals, records, stamps and even.

In 2023, we celebrate his 80th birthday! Exhibitions and events, new licenses: this historic anniversary will be celebrated as it should be!

Olivier d’Agay, President of POMASE says “ For 18 years, we have worked closely with Medialink to promote our evergreen ‘Le Petit Prince’ brand in Hong Kong, China and South East Asia, which has been a unique experience. Together we have shared the success of a long-term promotion campaign built on humanistic values and authenticity. Wth an appropriate vehicle, we are ready to develop  a host of new projects in and for Japan  and continue to contribute to a better world.”

Noletta Chiu, Executive Director of Medialink, said: “We are happy to continue our long-standing ties with The Little Prince, which started back in  2004. In the past 18 years, cooperating with POMASE, we have succeeded in bringing the brand to life in Greater China and SEA. Building on this successful partnership, we will tailor for the Le Petit Prince a  crosscategory programme that targets brands in such realms as fashion and accessories, novelties, stationery and homewares, and mount promotions that cover all demographics in Japan.

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