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MIPCOM and Mip Junior are open – both in Cannes and online.

MIPCOM provides a comprehensive conference programme unveiling new trends, strategic thinking and business models driving the ever-evolving entertainment industry.

With approximately 250 high-level speakers from all over the globe, the MIPCOM Conferences let you sharpen your industry knowledge, explore new business models and stay at the cutting edge of the latest entertainment trends.  

MIPCOM is the world’s largest exhibition of studios and distributors, as well as the top showcase for content across all genres and platforms.

A world-class market place where leading professionals gather to promote hit-defining content, strike distribution and co-production deals and network face-to-face. 

With leading professionals coming from the four corners of the globe, MIPCOM is the unrivalled business development cornerstone of the industry and a key deal-making destination.

Follow this link to find out more, and have a look at Total Licensing Social platforms where we will be covering the event.

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