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Mentos Announces Automotive Program

Mentos Announces Automotive Program

Perfetti Van Melle announces the launch of the Mentos Auto Air Care program, a keystone partnership between the Mentos brand and leading auto air care manufacturer, Sterling Teal International, executed by Lisa Marks Associates.

Sterling Teal is leveraging the Mentos “always fresh” brand personality and great flavors and scents with an initial collection of 8 scented auto air fresheners that capture Mentos’ great flavor profiles including Mentos signature flavor, cool mint, as well as several fruity flavors, plus some new fan-favorite flavor additions.  Mentos air fresheners will be available at national retailers across the U.S. as well as in Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador starting this month.

Over the past 70 plus years, Sterling Teal International Inc has been focused on helping consumers have the most enjoyable drive possible. They accomplish this by producing some of the highest quality automotive air fresheners on the market. Sterling Teal has worked very closely with LMA and Perfetti Van Melle to create a Mentos auto air freshener program that provides car owners with the freshest drive imaginable. The new Mentos air fresheners deliver delicious, long-lasting fragrances that are sure to please all!

“We are thrilled to be launching the Mentos Auto Air freshener program with Sterling Teal International,” said Lisa Marks, President of LMA. “Sterling Teal has done a terrific job leveraging the mentos equities of freshness, great flavors and fun with products that will enhance any driving experience!”

“Working with LMA and Perfetti Van Melle to create and launch this exciting new line has been a great experience for the entire Sterling Teal team” said John Walsh, President of Sterling Teal.  We have developed a unique line of automotive air fresheners, which provide the consumer with a “fresh” aroma profile.  The response from regional and national retailers has been phenomenal”

Sterling Teal joins a great lineup of Mentos partners, including leading Apparel Licensee, C-Life, Mask Licensees, Trevco and JLB Holdings, new Sock and Boxer partner, Odd Sox, Mentos personal care partner, Flex Beauty and Mini Brands partner, UNGA/ZURU. Mentos partnerships will also be developed in additional categories of sugar scrubs, color cosmetics, deodorant, lip gloss, nail polish and fresh wipes. More exciting announcements coming soon.

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