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Maya The Bee Partners With Innovative French Foodtech Company Bee’s Dream

Maya The Bee Partners With Innovative French Foodtech Company Bee’s Dream

Studio 100 Media has entered into a licensing agreement with French foodtech start-up Bee’s dream for “Maya the Bee”. The contract was negotiated and concluded by French licensing agency M.J.A. Licensing, which is representing several of Studio 100’s brands in France. Bee’s dream has invented a unique concept of bringing honey directly from the beehive to the table. This premium honey is produced directly, stored and packaged by the bees in easy-to-press individual portions that are recyclable and biodegradable. The concept was launched in France in early 2021 and Bee’s dream is planning to expand internationally in 2022, first targeting hotels, restaurants, delicatessens, and catering services. 

Bee’s dream is committed to combining ethics and profitability while also focusing on innovation for the benefit of sustainable and profitable beekeeping. These themes complement very well the activities of “Maya the Bee” as brand ambassador for insect and bee protection, biodiversity, and sustainability. 

“At Bee’s dream, we are very proud and delighted to partner with Maya the Bee, the greatest bee ambassador ever. The values defended by Maya are the ones to jointly embrace and stand up for. Special thanks to Studio 100 who are very supportive and have constantly provided us with meaningful advice” commented Charles-Olivier Oudin, CEO of Bee’s dream.

The concept of Bee’s dream is as easy as it is unique: The bees themselves fix and store their honey within the beehive in individual portions (+/- 30g of honey extracted) that are ready to eat at home or on the go… The Bee’s dream® device is compatible with existing standard beehives, so beekeepers don’t need to modify the hives. The concept works without industrial processing, the oxidization is greatly limited, and the honey shows no crystallization, meaning it is time and energy saving for the beekeeper.  In 2020, Bee’s dream was awarded the French “Campus des Agricultures” prize by the Agricultural Mutations Chair at #esaconnect 2020. More sustainable products like a “Beespresso” machine designed for family honey consumption are currently in development. 

Bee’s dream continues to work on the development of products whose goals are always to preserve the tastes and virtues of honey, to offer traceability to the consumer and to support the environment and the bees.

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