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Jewel Expands SCOUT with new Partnerships

Jewel Expands SCOUT with new Partnerships

Jewel Branding & Licensing announces three dynamic new partnerships for their client SCOUT, the brand renowned for fashionably functional totes and accessories.  With these new collaborations, SCOUT is poised to significantly expand its presence as an iconic lifestyle brand. 

The latest partnerships include: 

PEM America: SCOUT has teamed up with PEM America to develop a home textiles collection.  PEM America will be launching SCOUT’s new line of home textiles at the Home Textile Market in March, followed by a debut at Belk Stores this Spring/Summer season.  This partnership marks a fusion of SCOUT’s celebrated design aesthetic with PEM America’s expertise in crafting high-quality home goods.

ABG Accessories: In collaboration with ABG Accessories, SCOUT is set to make its mark in both baby and cold weather accessories. The partnership with ABG Accessories will introduce a range of stylish and functional SCOUT branded products to cater to the needs of parents and families.  The launch, which is scheduled for later this year, will bring SCOUT’s signature designs and patterns to baby accessories and cold weather essentials.

Zrike: SCOUT has partnered with Zrike to bring the brand into the housewares market, offering consumers a fresh perspective on everyday essentials.  The companies’ shared reputations of both innovative designs and craftsmanship will offer a collaboration for busy consumers with stylish tabletop that combines form and function.  The collection is slated to launch later this year. 

Julie Newman, Jewel CEO and Founder, expressed her enthusiasm about the new partnerships, stating, “We are excited to develop the SCOUT brand beyond bags into stylish new lifestyle categories in home textiles, housewares, and fashion accessories. These partnerships represent a significant step forward for SCOUT, and we look forward to bringing their unique vision to new audiences.”

SCOUT, known for its durability, functionality, and fashion-forward designs, has gained a loyal following among consumers seeking both style and utility in their totes and accessories.  With each partnership, SCOUT continues to embody its core values of innovation and quality craftsmanship while diversifying its product offerings to meet the evolving needs of the consumer. 

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