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From the Show Floor: Licensing Japan.

From the Show Floor: Licensing Japan.

ZenWorks’ Roger Berman reports.

Reed Exhibition Japan’s licensing trade fair, Licensing Japan is in its 10th year. It started in 2011, the year of the Great Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami, and this year it is being held amidst the COVID-19 situation. Suffice to say, the fact that it has been held every year without fail is testament to its longevity – the adage, “The show must go on” certainly applies here.

I have participated in every show and exhibited at about half of them – either showcasing properties that ZenWorks represents or, as this time, as Japan agent for Total Licensing. It’s hard to imagine a decade has already passed!Licensing Japan is one of seven concurrent fairs being held under the umbrella name, Content Tokyo The aim is to bring together all aspects of content creation, production and finally, monetization by licensing. Other fairs include Creators’ Expo, PR Design & Branding Expo and Content Marketing Expo.

Given the pandemic many companies and visitors are staying away but having said that, today there was a fair amount of footfall. In the morning it felt like day 3 of Licensing Expo (relatively quiet) but after lunch, there was more buzz on the show floor. The organizers have also taken plenty of health precautions – no mask, no entry; hand sanitizing at all entrances and they even provided hand sanitizing gel to every exhibitor; compulsory temperature checks; a medical station staffed with a doctor and nurse and socially distanced seating at the seminar venue. All the fairs at Content Tokyo are also available as virtual versions whereby people unable or reluctant to visit the physical venue, can log in and have online meetings.
Also It was good to see some international exhibitors such as Taiwan and Korea Pavilions but they were staffed by local staff and communicating via video link to the exhibitors in each country. Anyway less talking from me so without further ado here are what is possibly the first peek of the brands on exhibit. Enjoy! Also note there is commentary on each photo worth looking at.

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