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Floral Street & Van Gogh Museum in First of its Kind Collaboration

Floral Street & Van Gogh Museum in First of its Kind Collaboration

Fine art meets fine fragrance in a ‘first of its kind’ collaboration between independent, sustainable, British brand, Floral Street and the internationally renowned Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.

Van Gogh’s passion for the natural world has inspired this ‘clean’ fragrance as Floral Street and the Van Gogh Museum come together in the love of nature. This partnership brings to life the optimism of one of the world’s most famous masterworks in scent and floral design.


A fruity-citrus fragrance, this vegan and cruelty free, luxury eau de parfum is for the vibrant, expressive, happy and bright. Bursting with rays of optimism, it was created by master perfumer, Jerȏme Epinette, known for his mastery of sustainable natural raw materials, which are traceable from source to scent. Tucked inside an eco-hero, reusable and biodegradable carton it is joy-bringing and sun-soaked, capturing the essence of the masterpiece in a bottle.

“The idea was to capture the vibrance and beauty of the South of France, while also somehow painting the passage of the day. I started with an impactful top where a burst of morning sun comes alive in the citrus and fruits, while the heart brings the heat of the afternoon with a rich and colourful floralcy. The back then carries us into early evening with a poppy sweetness and a touch of unexpected warmth that makes it fun, yet truly luxurious,” said Jerȏme Epinette, Robertet.

“This is the first product to launch within the Floral Street range of personal and home fragrances and we are super excited by the reaction the product is getting from retailers around the world” added Ian Wickham of Licensing Link Europe, the agency behind this partnership. “What Floral Street have delivered is a superb example of an incredible quality product created through a thorough understanding of the story behind Sunflowers and then delivered in a completely sustainable way – even the packaging cartons that hold the bottle are fully biodegradable and can be reused as seed planters once finished with”

The new Sunflower Pop fragrance is available from August 1st, 2021, on, in the Van Gogh Museum and retailers worldwide.

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