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Cookies and “The Freak Brothers” Launch Strategic Partnership

Cookies and “The Freak Brothers” Launch Strategic Partnership

Cookies, the globally recognized cannabis brand, is

teaming up with the legendary stoner comic series and now adult animated show “The Freak

Brothers” to release a limited-edition CookiesSF clothing capsule and a fully loaded 2.5g infused

joint. This partnership ushers in a new wave of collaboration that pays homage to generations

of cannabis consumers. The joint, priced at $45, is available at all Cookies and Lemonnade

stores throughout California on Friday, April 19, and will be celebrated at an event at Cookies

Melrose on April 27 featuring Berner and one of the stars from “The Freak Brothers,” Emmy and

Grammy Award winner Tiffany Haddish. The launch celebrates Cookies’ co-founder and CEO,

Berner, joining the star-studded cast of “The Freak Brothers” alongside Woody Harrelson, John

Goodman, Tiffany Haddish, Pete Davidson and more.

“We felt like ‘LSD Joint’ was an appropriate name for our collab given the Freak Brothers are

from the ’70s, from San Francisco, and this joint is EXTREMELY strong. We will be dropping our

collab with the Freaks on 4/19, available at all of our California stores,” said Berner, co-founder

and CEO of Cookies. “I love that the animated show is so weed-friendly and done with class. I’m

incredibly excited to announce that I am joining the Freak Brothers show alongside an epic


Courtney Solomon, Freak Brothers’ CEO and show Executive Producer, said: “We’re excited to

welcome Berner to the show. His proven track record of innovation and his authentic love of

cannabis culture is a perfect marriage with the Freak Brothers. We look forward to a long

collaboration together.”

Born at the apex of the counterculture revolution following the Summer of Love, with 45 million

comic books translated into more than 20 languages sold worldwide, “The Freak Brothers” have

carved a niche as the OGs of cannabis since 1968. Its influence has set the stage for cult classics

like “Cheech and Chong,” “Half Baked,” and “Pineapple Express.” Now a globally distributed

adult animated television series, “The Freak Brothers” continues to cement its legacy as an icon

of cannabis culture, both on screen and on Cookies’ retail shelves.

“This is the first ever official cannabis product for ‘The Freak Brothers,’ so we wanted to lean

into the cool trippy Bay Area heritage shared by both brands while producing a product the

Freaks themselves would have loved to spark up,” said Greg Goldner, Head of Brand & Strategy

for Freak Brothers.

As Cookies continues to innovate and push boundaries within the cannabis space, its influence

reverberates not only within California but across the country and internationally, shaping

narratives and challenging stereotypes surrounding cannabis consumption. The LSD Joint comes

in a glow-in-the-dark tube, and the package features a unique QR code that unlocks exclusive

downloadable artwork.

“From the intricate details of the engraved, reusable wood tips to the vibrant, psychedelic

designs of the package, every aspect of this collaboration perfectly captures the creative ethos

both ‘The Freak Brothers’ and Cookies are renowned for,” Goldner explained.

Seasons 1 and 2 of “The Freak Brothers” are currently streaming for free on Tubi. The show is

executive produced by Courtney Solomon (“AFTER,” “Mr. Church,” “Cake”) and Mark Canton

(“Power” Universe, “Arthur The King,” “300,” “Den of Thieves”), along with award-winning

showrunners Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland (“King of the Hill,” “American Dad”). Harrelson,

Haddish, Davidson, Gilbert Shelton and Manfred Mroczkowski also serve as executive producers

on the series.

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