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Cobrandz Paris: Collab’, Content, Co-branding & Licensing

Cobrandz Paris: Collab’, Content, Co-branding & Licensing

July 1 & 2, 2021 at La Grande Crypte in Paris

Starting a collab’, beginning a co-branding venture or negotiating copyrights – that’s all made simple at CoBrandz. Over 2 days, advertisers, communication agencies, manufacturers and distributers will be at La Grande Crypte to meet the biggest entertainment, lifestyle and added value content players.  

CoBrandz Paris is the place to discover the best marketing growth engines and tools. The goal being to showcase the best opportunities for marketing endorsement, creating licensed products, onsite promotions or launching advertising campaigns – all available during a single event. Over two days of exchanges, leading entertainment players (cinema, gaming, TV, music, sports) will meet in Paris to attend talks, discover brands strategies, as well as organize appointments in dedicated areas – all of this in the friendly and dynamic atmosphere that Kazachok’s events are famous for creating.

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