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Call Us Tetris!

Call Us Tetris!

Blue Planet Software Inc., known by video game and merchandise licensees worldwide as the sole agent for the Tetris brand, has announced the company will now be recognized by the same name as the iconic brand that it represents – Tetris. 

The company also revealed 18 new and returning licensed merchandise partners who are bringing original products and entertainment experiences featuring the Tetris brand, from all kinds of new apparel and footwear to décor, debit cards, stationery, accessories, well-being, and much more to their respective markets this year and early 2021. This expansive lineup of new licensees showcases the continued growth of the brand’s lifestyle offering, enjoyed by devotees around the world who love to show their affinity for all things Tetris – the game we all play together.

“Just as the Tetris brand has evolved over the past 36 years, so have we,” says Maya Rogers, president and CEO of Tetris. “We have long recognized that our broad, global network of video game and merchandise licensees and licensing agents mostly identify our company by the name Tetris. Therefore, we decided to make it official. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners to deliver great, innovative games, lifestyle products and experiences to fans, including the many new partners we’re announcing today – only now you’ll know us simply as Tetris.”

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