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Asembl Whips up an Aussie Treat

Asembl Whips up an Aussie Treat

Brand extension agency Asembl has mixed together a golden Aussie moment – bringing together Streets Golden Gaytime and Pauls for the first time for a delicious Pauls Golden Gaytime Inspired Toffee Custard.  

The Pauls Golden Gaytime Inspired Toffee Custard is now whipping up a stir on supermarket shelves including Coles, Woolworths and Independent Grocery stores.  

Paul’s outrageously thick and creamy custard combined with the golden toffee and creamy vanilla flavours of Golden Gaytime delivers a truly decadent treat.  Perfect on its own or with a favourite dessert.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Pauls for what will undoubtedly be this summer’s favourite custard.  Our Golden Gaytime has been an Aussie favourite for over 50 years so it is exciting to be coming together with another homegrown favourite, Pauls,” said Streets Marketing Manager, Tansy Skidmore. 

“Golden Gaytime and Pauls are such iconic brands, so we were so excited to bring them together to make this delicious custard.  There’s a lot of anticipation for this one already – we know consumers will love it!,” said Lactalis General Manager of Marketing, Angela Burr. 

“Lots of summer moments are going to be made with Pauls Golden Gaytime Inspired Toffee Custard.  We are pleased to be bringing together two homegrown hero brands for this irresistible and iconic Aussie collaboration which is already causing a stir on supermarket shelves.  No doubt the Pauls Golden Gaytime Inspired Toffee Custard will turn everyday occasions into delicious Golden Gaytime ones,” said Asembl Managing Director, Justin Watson. 

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