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Winsing’s New Movie Grosses US$10 Million at Box Office

Winsing’s New Movie Grosses US$10 Million at Box Office

Diary of Dinosaurs, the 7th feature film from Winsing Animation, raked in US$10 million for gross box office revenue, leading the box office for animated features during the Labor Day holiday. After a one-year postponement, Diary Of Dinosaurs finally hit the screen on May 1st 2021, shown on over 10000 screens, with nearly 44 million admissions and 2.3 million screenings in accumulation across China which demonstrated its high acknowledgment by the kids and parents.

Diary of Dinosaurs, a dinosaur-themed feature film is a comedy of adventure and action. It revolves around a family of herbivorous dinosaurs who manages to defend their homeland. The film will also be premiered in South Korea and Malaysia etc. countries within this year, more and more countries and regions are under negotiation.

Since 2012, Winsing Animation has released 6 feature films in theaters and new media platforms worldwide, gaining a box office in total of around US$32 million. As being well received both by the market and the audience,, the 7th feature film Diary of Dinosaurs  recorded a box office of US$10 million within 10 days. The film is anticipated to continue its run for another three weeks, all the way to the International Children’s’ Day.

Hanson Hwang, the General Manager of Film Business Department, said that they are confident in this feature film, given their huge library of creativity. “We paid lots of attention to creating, developing, producing, polishing and promoting the contents, and we are glad to see that Diary of Dinosaurs broke the box office records of Winsing’s feature series. We will continue to give play to imagination, improve the stories through creativity and technology, and make better animated features in  the future.”

Winsing is now turning to develope diverse feature–length animared films which not only focus on kids contents, but more multicultural features which targets at young views and families.

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