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Winsing Unveils Exclusive Showroom During Hong Kong Toy Fair To Showcase Latest Toy lines

Winsing Unveils Exclusive Showroom During Hong Kong Toy Fair To Showcase Latest Toy lines

Winsing announces the establishment of a dedicated showroom, offering an intimate and immersive space to explore the original new toylines at the Regal Kowloon Hotel (71 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui) during the Hong Kong Toy Fair on Jan 8th-11th.

Visitors to the showroom will be treated to an exclusive preview of the highly anticipated toy collection regarding Winsing’s flagship IP GOGOBUS and GG Bond. From innovative designs to engaging play concepts, the showcase aims to provide a sneak peek into the creativity and quality that define Winsing.

Based on the space-themed seasons GOGOBUS Mars Trip S13-16, the main character school bus Gordon is fully upgraded into Mars form in fancier looking and new transformative way: Transforming Mars Mecha’s series includes a primary vehicle and a Mars mecha which can be transformed and combined into a big-size robot. The face-changing Mars Mecha series can change the car into a robot, with face-changing features that can switch between different expressions. “Ultra Mars Robot” is a highly posable robot with a considerable size that can combine five vehicles. Besides, another kids beloved IP, GG-Bond, has also launched a new Racing toy series Super Speed Racers and Popping Racers ,which can transform into super speed mode when pull back and go.

The exclusive showroom is designed to showcase the seamless fusion of creativity and play, providing a hands-on experience with the latest toys and merchandise self-developed by Winsing. Visitors can expect an interactive experience that brings the entertainment to life. For detailed information on the location and how to schedule a visit, please contact the email:

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