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Ubisoft and Gamefam Step into the Arena for First-Ever Brawlhalla Activation on Roblox

Ubisoft and Gamefam Step into the Arena for First-Ever Brawlhalla Activation on Roblox

Capturing the excitement from the Brawlhalla World Championships, Ubisoft and Gamefam, the leading metaverse game developer and strategist, are partnering to release an immersive Brawlhalla-branded experience within the popular Weapon Fighting Simulator game. Fans of the popular free-to-play fighting game can look forward to echoing their favorite players doing battle at the real-life tournament that took place November 3-5.  

Leveraging Gamefam’s metaverse expertise, Ubisoft is looking to broaden its popular standalone IP with new audiences and grow its community of 100 million Brawlhalla players, by reaching the over 400 million lifetime users of Gamefam’s hit Roblox game Weapon Fighting Simulator, which launched in 2022.

The Brawlhalla activation in Weapon Fighting Simulator will be available for free on Roblox via most platforms and devices, including consoles, PCs, mobile, and tablets starting on November 15, 2023. Players will have access to a custom Brawlhalla area at the main spawn area of the game, with recognizable landmarks from well-known maps within the franchise. 

Upon entering the experience, players will find 2 Brawlhalla Legend NPCs to interact with and obtain unique weapons in reward for completing special quests inspired by the overall universe. The quests will send players to destroy objects, battle in the dungeons, and become the fiercest warrior in the realm. 

Once players complete all of the quests, they will face a final boss to unlock the final Brawlhalla weapon.

Weapon Fighting Simulator, one of the most popular games on Roblox, engages players in an exciting adventure where they train and uncover new weapons to defeat powerful bosses, gradually unlocking access to even more challenging locations, quests, and thrilling adventures.

Zeke Sparks, Managing Director of Blue Mammoth Games comments: “The Brawlhalla team loves reinventing and reimagining our Legends for crossovers, and we are excited to flex our imaginations again for Weapon Fighting Simulator, a top game in Roblox. We’re bringing our original Legends to life in 3-D for the first time, for both our community and for a whole new audience.”

Joe Ferencz, Chief Executive Officer at Gamefam adds: “With Brawlhalla extending into a new platform of gameplay on Roblox, we couldn’t be prouder to introduce the brand and its characters to our highly engaged fanbase. Brawlhalla, with its amazing style and action-driven play fits in perfectly on Roblox. Together with Ubisoft, we’re excited to see millions of Weapon Fighting Simulator players fall in love with Brawlhalla and vice versa, with the goal of growing both fanbases for the long term.”

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