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Trends Across the Planet: How the World Has Changed

Trends Across the Planet: How the World Has Changed

Kids Insights, the global leader in kids market intelligence, has just issued its 2020 Trends Across the Planet (TAP) report, which looks back over the company’s Future Forecast reports and the predictions they made. TAP looks at how the trends have started to play out and how businesses and organisations have started to incorporate these into their future thinking. The TAP report explores how changes around the globe – in particular the COVID-19 pandemic – will impact advertising, content, licencing, marketing, product and sales for brand owners.

The TAP report evaluates 11 previously predicted trends based on its extensive experience of surveying more than 240,000 children per year, across five continents and 11 countries, or more than 5,000 children each week.

Earlier this year, the 2020 Future Forecast reportpredicted that brands, publishers and broadcasters needed to reconsider and redefine the term audience. The TAP report reinforces this prediction by communicating that businesses need to adapt, and be adaptable. Of those surveyed, 76% of companies don’t anticipate to be operating in the same way in five years, as new technologies continuously innovate within this space.  While 92% of businesses agree that companies should develop a greater understanding of the kid’s demographics, yet one in two companies do not feel fully confident that they have a sufficient understanding of their target audience.

Nick Richardson, founder and CEO of The Insights People says: “This generation of children no longer want to passively consume content, they want to play a role in the outcome, help shape the direction and make it personal to them. Back in 2018 we predicted that there would be a growth in platforms, tools and products that enable children to co-create and influence and it will be these that will prove the most successful in engaging children. Fast forward two years and we are seeing more and more examples of this.”

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