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Capcom Announce Plans for Festival of Licensing 2020

Capcom Announce Plans for Festival of Licensing 2020

Capcom announced that they will be exhibiting at the virtual upcoming Festival of Licensing 2020 October 6th – 8th, with an exciting line-up of licensed products from Capcom’s catalogue of strong and identifiable IP.

Capcom started 2020 with the ever popular and much anticipated launch of Resident Evil™ 3 Remake, which continues the trend of reworking the Classic horror games to positive effect. The Resident Evil franchise has also some big favourites lined up for 2021 with the already announced Resident Evil Village for PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X.

This gaming success has been complemented with the release of a range of consumer products: including the Laced Records Ltd Resident Evil Vinyl collections and the recent Kickstarter event from Steamforged in anticipation of the Resident Evil III boardgame.

September 2020 has seen the happy announcement of the new Monster Hunter Rise™. The new title is anticipated to evolve the award-winning and top-selling Monster Hunter series and bring innovative gameplay experiences to the Nintendo Switch console™.

Monster Hunter™: World has new line ups in the consumer products catalogue with Animegami Chibi Monster releases on pre-order and new apparel & accessories product from LevelUp Wear.

Street Fighter™ is one of the most influential video game series and is still revered as one of the best in the fighting-game genre with 75% recognition across Europe. The series gave birth to one of the most colourful and recognisable casts in gaming’s history! Street Fighter™ is still on top form with the recent successful release of Street Fighter™ V: Championship Edition.

Fans of the arcade game have been treated this year to Arcade1UP release of Marvel vs Capcom arcade machines, NET ENT release of Street Fighter II online slot game and new apparel lines from Park Agencies, Fashion UK and Insert Coin.

Megaman saw the release of Megaman 0/ZX Legacy collection released in January of 2020 and EXG has extended their Cable Guy range for Megaman Cable Guy and with the Street Fighter™  ‘Evil Ryu’ and ‘Chun-Li’ device holders added to its’ line-up. The Cable Guy enables fans to charge a range of personal electronic devices and gaming controllers.

Licensees and retailers alike are lining up to create and stock original merchandise ranges from apparel, accessories, homeware, bags, plushies and all sorts of collectible items and more.

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