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tonies celebrates sleep with three new bedtime Tonies ahead of World Sleep Day

tonies celebrates sleep with three new bedtime Tonies ahead of World Sleep Day

For World Sleep Day (Friday 19th March), children’s audio brand tonies is celebrating sleep with the launch of three new bedtime Tonies, adding to its extensive range of stories, songs and audio. 

With children returning to school and the clocks going back at the end of March, the importance of sleep for children has never been more significant. The screen-free Toniebox has no blue light emissions, which is often associated with sleep disturbance or circadian rhythm disruptions, thereby encouraging quality sleep. The three new Tonies make fantastic additions to any Tonie collection, but importantly help children to drift off easily and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. 

The three new additions include: In the Night GardenStory title: A Musical Journey (approx. 47 minutes, suitable for children aged 3+); Nap TimeStory title: Nature Sounds (approx. 120 minutes, suitable for children aged 3+);Nap TimeStory title: White Noise (approx. 120 minutes, suitable for children aged 3+).

Research has shown that playing white noise is an effective method of getting babies and children to sleep. While many white noise machines are too noisy for little ears, the White Noise Tonie is safe and soothing to lull children to sleep easily. 

There are two types of Tonies available:

  • Pre-recorded Tonies include both classic and contemporary tales popular bedtime songs. ‘How and Why’ Tonies also allow children to bring the magic of learning to life, with educational audio content exploring the world of horses, dinosaurs, astronauts and whales.
  • Creative-Tonies play recorded or pre-downloaded content which can be upload via the Toniecloud or the free Tonie-App. Perfect for when kids want to listen to something a little bit more personal.

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