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The University of Cambridge Launches The Polar Collection

The University of Cambridge Launches The Polar Collection

The Polar Collection is the latest brand launch from Curating Cambridge, the University of Cambridge’s licensing division.

In collaboration with the University’s Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) and Polar Museum, the collection marries the famous polar expeditions of the past by Scott and Shackleton with current world leading research into the effects of climate change on the polar environment and indigenous peoples.

“This is an incredible opportunity to partner with one of the world’s leading Universities and align with the important research that takes place at the SPRI,” commented Len Dunne, CEO of Curating Cambridge. “Licensees can access the Polar Museum’s treasure trove of visual assets and cobrand with the SPRI knowing that royal􀆟es from the sales of these items go back to support the Institute’s polar regions research.”

Established in 1920, the Scot Polar Research Institute is testament to Britain’s enduring fascina􀆟on with polar exploration. Founded in the wake of Captain Scot’s tragic Antarctic expedition to the South Pole, its primary goal was to advance scientific knowledge of polar regions. Today, it remains at the forefront of polar research including crtical climate change studies, glaciology, and collaborative partnerships with traditional knowledge holders. The Institute’s renowned Polar Museum serves as a window into the heroic age of exploration with an archive and collection dedicated to Polar exploration, research and peoples, including photos, artefacts, equipment and clothing, complemented by SPRI’s own picture library and archive. Its place within the University of Cambridge bolsters interdisciplinary research, fostering a rich blend of historical exploration, cutting-edge science, and a deep commitment to safeguarding our planet’s polar regions for generations to come. Professor Neil Arnold, Director of the SPRI comments: “Licensing offers an exciting way to communicate our research with the public and highlight the amazing environment and culture of the Polar regions. Partners will not only be inspired by our work and the Museum’s collections but also have the opportunity to align with our values and produce products to the highest environmental and sustainability standards.” 

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