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The Fédération Française de Football (FFF) Protecting its Licensed Products with Security Tags from SCRIBO

The Fédération Française de Football (FFF) Protecting its Licensed Products with Security Tags from SCRIBO

In 2021, the Fédération Française de Football (FFF) set itself one goal: to protect their licensed products even better with a higher level of security. 

With advanced counterfeiting-technology provided by SCRIBOS they will accomplish this. Starting in summer 2021, all licensed products of the FFF will be equipped with a unique VeoMark® security label, which gives all parties involved numerous benefits. The FFF can protect its brand from counterfeiting and the risks of grey market trading, while licensees gain more transparency in the complex world of licensing. What is more, with this label, the FFF has the possibility to integrate interactive experiences for fans in the future (Fan Experience, Story Telling, Services, Communications…), which not only heightens the product experience, but also increases brand loyalty. 

Equipped with the VeoMark®, French fans can now with their naked eye easily authenticate if they have bought an original FFF product. Every security label is completely unique and therefore easy to check – not only by fans, but also by all parties involved throughout the supply chain by comparing the security label in hand with labels on other FFF products. 

With this advanced brand protection solution, the FFF not only can give fans a positive experience, but thanks to the secure ordering platform also their own licensees. This platform allows to simplify the often quite complex licensing processes. The platform enables licensees to easily place orders for product markings and access related services. Furthermore, with the help of detailed analyses, statistics and reports, provided by the SCRIBOS 360 order database, the platform gives the licensees, as well as the licensors, an overview over their business and a chance to streamline their efforts. The licensors benefit from the protection that the new security label provides from counterfeiting, grey market trading and overproduction. This gives them the chance to spot illegal activities and increase their overall sales. 

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