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The Everywhere Group & Hasbro to launch Peppa Pig: Surprise Party immersive experience

The Everywhere Group & Hasbro to launch Peppa Pig: Surprise Party immersive experience

The Everywhere Group (TEG) announces its licensing partnership between its immersive events arm Immersive Everywhere (“IE”) and Hasbro, a leading toy and game company. This collaboration will enable Immersive Everywhere to bring to life one of the world’s biggest entertainment brands, Peppa Pig, and turn it into an unforgettable immersive live experience – Peppa Pig: Surprise Party.

Set to launch in spring/summer 2024, Peppa Pig will be the first pre-school property in the UK to enter the immersive sector with an engaging interactive theatrical storyline, branded F&B offering, dedicated retail space and exclusive merchandise.

Immersive Everywhere, known for its critically acclaimed productions “The Great Gatsby – The Immersive Show” in London, South Korea, Dublin and now New York, “Doctor Who: Time Fracture” (winner of UK’s Best Licensed Award at The Licensing Awards 2022) and “Peaky Blinders: The Rise” in London, is striving to take immersive entertainment experiences to a new level. Parent company The Everywhere Group continues to build its position as a global leader in branded immersive experiences, with Hasbro joining the likes of Caryn Mandabach Productions and BBC as key licensing partners.

With over 10 new shows in the pipeline, including this exciting partnership with Hasbro, TEG has significant growth plans and is primed for momentous financial expansion.

Unique in its proposition and capitalising on all parts of the experience economy, TEG combines ticketing, marketing, sponsorship and merchandise to generate various streams of income at all stages of the production lifecycle. As well as these areas of the business, TEG has created a unique Modus Operandi, bringing its full 360-degree expertise to different spaces, away from traditional theatres.

With significant growth potential nationally and internationally for the immersive and experience sector, TEG works with landlords that are keen to embrace these benefits to massively increase footfall and dwell time to these venues.  TEG provide these sites and operators with ancillary revenue streams which encourages stronger working relationships than would have in traditional entertainment venues. 

Looking ahead, TEG forecasts significant revenue growth based on 10 activations currently in the pipeline. The company’s growth trajectory is projected to deliver revenue of £17m in 2024.  

“We are thrilled and honoured to be partnering with Hasbro to create an immersive experience for one of the world’s best known and most loved brands, Peppa Pig” said Mark Hurry, TEG’s Joint CEO. “By expanding beyond traditional theatre and venturing into diverse locations such as shopping centres and theme parks, we are revolutionising the way brands engage with their audiences and creating truly unforgettable experiences. The success we achieved in 2022 and the projected growth for the upcoming years are a testament to our dedication to delivering unparalleled entertainment.” 

Matt Proulx, Vice President of Location Based Entertainment at Hasbro, said: “TEG’s work in the live immersive entertainment space is truly impressive and we are confident they will bring a unique and fun experience to life for Peppa’s littlest fans and their families in her home market, the UK. With the brand’s 20th anniversary in 2024, Peppa Pig: Surprise Party is just one of the many ways we’re opening fan experiences and celebrating the phenomenon that is Peppa Pig.”

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