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The English version of Bigglz mobile app has been released

The English version of Bigglz mobile app has been released

Bigglz offers a fun experience of adopting and raising 32 virtual pets. These lovely pets act cute in various motions, interact with you and grow in three stages as you raise them affectionately. Pets make demands such as eating, cleaning up their droppings, playing, bathing, and cleaning the room, and you can enjoy them in the form of games. You can also decorate your ‘Pet room’ with various styles of interior, purchase additional rooms at the ‘Pet House’, adopt several pets, and decorate each with a unique personality. In addition, as you achieve higher pet level, you will be provided with various costumes that can be applied to the pets. Pets will be your best pals no matter what you say to them, so you can always have a lovely conversation.

In addition to this, the Bigglz app transforms the pets into anthropomorphic who walk on two legs in the world called,’Pet World'(Puppy Kitty Star) where the Pet Pal Five (Bigglz’s Main Character IP)live and serve as guides. In this Pet World, You can chat with other users, and play as many as nine different snack games. You can also share your photos and communicate with others on’Petstagram’, choose emotional stationery and stamps, decorate them with stamps to exchange pretty and cute emotional letters on ‘Pet Pal’, and even use a lovely template to simply record your daily life on ‘Pet Diary’!! Bigglz’s lovely main characters and virtual pets will always give you a warm consolation!! Download (App Store and Play Store) and experience today!

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