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‘Horrific’ Adventures Await for the Boy with the Prosthetic Face 

‘Horrific’ Adventures Await for the Boy with the Prosthetic Face 

Maestro Media, in association with Brand Central, has announced a partnership with Portable Moose to bring award-winning game designer Steve Gabry’s smash indie hit Sally Face to the world of tabletop gameplay with Sally Face: Strange Nightmares, a cooperative adventure-mystery tabletop game featuring the iconic characters and locations fans have come to know and love from the original and beloved indie video game. In addition to Sally Face: Strange Nightmares, Maestro Media and Steve Gabry are collaborating on an exclusive merchandise and mystery box program, Sally Face: Strange Boxes, that will further expand the Sally Face universe

Launching first as a Kickstarter exclusive on February 7, 2022 (with retail plans already in the works), Sally Face: Strange Nightmares has you play as Sal and his friends, who are tasked with investigating the surrounding mysteries. You’ll need to work quickly as corruption is slowly taking over. Roll dice to overcome evil before it’s too late! With multiple, variable storylines to play through there’s always something new to discover. 

Sally Face has spawned a rabid and diverse fanbase with fan-created content, such as fanart, fan videos, gamplays, and more, equalling over 3 billion views, which is truly incredible for an indie game,” said Maestro Media’s founder and CEO Javon Frazier. “With such an active and dedicated fanbase, we wanted to work with them on developing the tabletop game, incorporating their ideas and suggestions into the final product, and Kickstarter is the perfect platform to do just that.”
Mirroring the videogame’s progression system, Sally Face: Strange Nightmares is played as a narrative story consisting of multiple “chapters” with their own unique locations and challenges, each with a different setup and victory conditions, ensuring repeat gameplay ability. Each new location will be “unlocked” as the story progresses, with each area requiring a combination of player-activated events and location-specific objects to face off against the final challenge. 
Players take turns as they attempt to solve mysteries, stop cultists, and prevent the Red Eyed Demon from taking over. On a player’s turn they roll custom dice and spend the results of their dice to complete tasks, solve clues, and navigate through the game – but if they dabble too much, the powers that be may become too strong to stop, ultimately overwhelming you into oblivion.  

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