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Starlit Adventures Heads to Kidscreen

Starlit Adventures Heads to Kidscreen

Starlit Adventures” unfolds as an animated series within a rich and expansive transmedia universe. Originating from an award-winning game boasting a massive player base of over 30 million worldwide, this IP is strategically paving its way to a dedicated fan base. Rockhead Studios founder Chris Lykawka will present the franchise’s latest projects at Kidscreen Summit in San Diego. The event runs February 4-7, 2024.

The brand was born in 2015 and has gained popularity ever since. The four games of the franchise have been downloaded by more than 30 million for PC, game consoles and mobile. Since then the adventures of little Bo and Kikki across the fantastic world known as Lowlands have experienced other media such as comic books and animations. 

A brand new 52×11’ 3D show aimed at children 5-7 years old is currently in the works. The pilot is available online.

“The main goal now is to go beyond the Starlit universe where comics, 3D series, animated shorts, and sequels come together to create an unparalleled entertainment experience”, says Chris Lykawka, CEO of Brazilian based Rockhead Studios. “Our approach involves launching multiple free-to-play games, setting the stage for the animated series premiere in 2025”.

Starlit brings the powerful idea of children as world guardians, and on the stimulating interaction between characters inhabiting a planet and its floating islands. “Starlit Kart” (2021), the latest game in the franchise, has garnered over 5 million players in its first year on the market. Recently, it received recognition from the Google Indie Games Fund, being selected as one of the top 10 games in Latin America. “Starlit Adventures 2” is currently in production.

In the animation media Starlit Toons (2022) has already set its course to TV and YouTube with a collection of 30-second 2D animated shorts tailored for a preschool audience. Bo and Kikki have also sailed through the pages of digital comic books in a limited series available in digital stores and translated into English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.

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