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Splish Splash – Douglas has an Ocean Full of Fun 

Splish Splash – Douglas has an Ocean Full of Fun 

Douglas is adding twelve new sea creatures to their catch. Put on your snorkel gear and let’s get started with the latest introductions. 

Meet Jazzie the Axolotl Soft! She is pretty in pink with a rainbow array of colors around her head. This aquatic salamander is 13″ long, and full of fun textures from the iridescent, shimmering pink scale down her back to the aqua, orange, red, pink, blue and lavender gills atop her head. She is simply gorgeous and ultra-cuddly as part of Douglas’ Softs collection. 

Gillie the Axolotl also bares cuddle appeal being a member of Douglas’ Mini Soft group. Gillie is 7” tall standing on his haunches. He is a real cutie in ombre pastel rainbow colors. His body is fluffy soft, and his gills and four paws are velour smooth. 

Sherbet the Seahorse is just yummy in pure orange sherbet! She will have orange lovers drooling over her beautiful color. She stands 9″ tall and has the sweetest pale orange iridescent fins. 

Punchie the Mantis Shrimp is a showstopper. He is known for his colorful appearance and his ability to pack a punch. At 10” long, he has a bright orange underbelly and an orange polka dot chest. His top shell is kelly green and full of texture. His grinning face is powder blue with dark orange tentacles and tall beady eyes. He has a tuft of lime green on the top of his head. 

Howie the Horseshoe Crab refuses to go unnoticed. At 12″ long, he is completely burnt orange. He looks very realistic in appearance. His dark black and orange eyes are separated by what looks like a frown. He is quite the character. 

Paula the Pufferfish is all puffed out in shades of ocean blue and hints of white. She has a white underbelly and beautiful texture throughout. Even her smooth fins have embroidered detail. She is 11″ long. 

Mini Pink and Blue Octopi are adorable babies at 9″ long. Each bares a sweet little grin and sharp endearing eyes. One is dusty rose fluffy on top, and the other is baby blue fluffy on top and both are smooth on the bottom. 

Opal the Jellyfish is 7″ wide. She is beautiful in tie-dye hues of blue, aqua, and purple. On the top is a embroidered face embellishment, while on the bottom, are four smooth minty green drawn up tentacles.  

Lil’ Baby Whale is making his first breech and looking like a handful of fun. At just 6″ long this ocean cutie is true to life whale colors of deep ocean blue with a white belly. He has a tuft of white fuzz on the top of his head emulating a spout. 

Marina the Navy Whale looks very true to life. She is slate blue with a fuzzy white spout. At 12″ long she bears a whale-like mouth and eyes that are connecting. 

Stewie the Seagull Soft looks like he stepped right out of a Little Mermaid storybook. At 10″ long, he is pure white with light gray wings and a black tail feather. His long legs are lemon yellow just like his full beak. He is a true to life beauty. 

Designed for baby, Douglas’ newest Ocean Friends will be available in March 2024 DOUGLAS’ products are sold at specialty gift and toy stores in the USA and Canada. 

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