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Semaphore Licensing Solutions and YouTube Stars Rise to the Challenge

Semaphore Licensing Solutions and YouTube Stars Rise to the Challenge

As we cope with a new normal that includes homeschooling, sheltering in place, and play dates going virtual, Semaphore Licensing Solutions announces that YouTube stars like Trinity and Beyond are helping kids – and parents – rise to the challenge.

In our highly restricted pandemic world, children are feeling more frustrated than ever as they have lost their in-person play time, school interactions and sporting activity engagement. Parents are actively looking for solutions to see this void filled so that their children can have access to the stimulation from social engagement that they yearn for. Trinity and Beyond, as seen on YouTube featuring sisters Trinity and Madison, has shifted their subscriber experience and become the ultimate classmate, friend, and sporting buddy next door – virtually.

Trinity and Madison have created videos showcasing wholesome quarantine activities from Easter Egg Hunts at home to Nerf battles, and monster truck races to poolside pranks. As our world moves through the pandemic into a new normal, and many of our favorite activities are modified with physical distancing, we are seeing the emergence of elevated virtual experiences that are designed to fulfill our needs for connection in a re-imagined way. With over 2.4 billion lifetime views and 5 million subscribers, Trinity and Beyond is helping parents provide socially responsible screen time with relatable activities and entertainment for their children’s enjoyment. 

“We are seeing our creators provide real world experiences that help fill the void for the much desired human and emotional connection. COVID-19 has disoriented many by demanding social distancing and our talent are enabling physical distance to take place without sacrificing social connection.”-Michael Bienstock, Founder and CEO, Semaphore Licensing Solutions.

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