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Scrabble brand unveils new initiative to foster community and combat loneliness

Scrabble brand unveils new initiative to foster community and combat loneliness

Today, on National Scrabble® Day, the Scrabble® brand unveils a new initiative to foster community and combat loneliness after new research has found that almost half of Brits would like to feel more connected to their communities and 36% feel lonelier since the pandemic.

Findings show that over half of people surveyed[1] believe playing a board game with others would make them feel less alone. The Scrabble® crossword game – voted as one of the Top 10 brands[2] – has brought together generations of people from all over the world for the last 70+ years[3]  and announces today a number of initiatives to help people foster connections with others:

  • Scrabble® brand will partner with The Canvas, a London community events hub and café that is committed to positive social change
  • A Scrabble® branded pop-up will be live at The Canvas from National Scrabble® Day from the 13th April until 17th May – the end of Mental Health Awareness Week, the theme of which is tackling loneliness
  • The pop-up will be a welcoming space that encourages people to ‘come in and connect’ and ‘say hello to a stranger’ by playing a round of the Scrabble® game with other members of the community
  • To expand the initiative beyond London, the Scrabble® brand is partnering with The Cares Family and their networks to donate board games nationwide for more communities to come together over the Scrabble® game
  • The Cares Family is a non-profit that helps people find communities, bringing together inter-generational neighbours through events and one-to-one friendship schemes
  • The Cares Family will host games nights throughout May, and the one-to-one friendships will receive boards to help them spend quality time together

Kelly Philp, Marketing Director Mattel UK says: “Words can be a powerful tool to connect, uplift and bring about positive connections. This National Scrabble Day, we want to use the power of words to build connections and community, and we are proud to partner with The Canvas and The Cares Family to be a force for good by encouraging new connections.”

  • 47% of people would like to make more friends
  • 54% of people feel that playing a board game with others would make them feel less lonely
  • Almost half (48%) of people want to feel more connected to their local communities
  • 73% of people think having a sense of community is important for mental health
  • 54% of people want to do more to support their local community
  • Going to a café or coffee shop makes 36% of people feel more connected
  • 36% of people report feeling lonelier since the pandemic
  • 53% of people want to help reduce loneliness in their community
  • 35% of people miss the sense of comradery felt during the pandemic
  • 60% of people do not have a face to face conversation with others every day
  • 28% of people report that there are days when they don’t speak to another person at all
  • 18% of people wish there were more social clubs they could join
  • 35% of people plan to make the most of social events in their community to reduce loneliness, while 16% of people think there aren’t enough social events
  • 68% of people think that hearing supportive words from a loved one is important in preventing loneliness
  • ‘happy’ ‘relaxed’ and ‘content’ are the top words people feel when they connect with others

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