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Rare Vintage James Reid Sex Pistols Prints Launch

Rare Vintage James Reid Sex Pistols Prints Launch

Jamie Reid, the acclaimed English artist, universally known for his distinct style of décollage in the Avant Garde art movement, who helped define the image of punk rock at the height of its reign in the 1970’s and the Sex Pistols, one of the most ground-breaking and iconic acts in British music history, are releasing a limited selection of rare vintage collectible prints online at, exclusive to the United Kingdom.

The prints, entitled ‘God Save The Queen’, available in both gold and silver on blue screenprint, capture the reverential spirit and aesthetic of the Punk rock era that has helped shape music, fashion, and counterculture for generations – past, present and future. These editions were screenprinted by Ambassador Arts of NYC in 1997, this edition and companion editions, were produced and launched during Jamie Reid’s large survey show, Peace Is Tough, curated by John Marchant and Jamie Reid at the Artificial Gallery on Lafayette Street, in New York’s Lower East Side, between September and October 1997.

The two collectible, 300gsm screenprints are 101 x 75cm in size, signed by Reid, and feature the Artificial Gallery blind stamp and ink stamp on the reverse.

This unique opportunity was brought together by Bravado, Universal Music Group’s leading brand management company in collaboration with Reid and Marchant.

Jamie Reid commented on the launch, “The stars were with us for a good year. It was brilliant.”

John Marchant said, “Jamie Reid’s visuals have defined the sound of rebellion worldwide.”

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